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Miami-Dade County public schools are preparing on Wednesday for students to start their return to classrooms in phases from Oct. 5-9. School board members voted unanimously on Tuesday night to ... Miami Heat rookie guard Tyler Herro appears to have a new girlfriend, as the couple went public on Instagram on Sunday. Miami-Dade police captain Tyrone White, the father of Fort Lauderdale native and Patriots' running back James White, was killed in a car crash. ... View this post on Instagram. Miami is home to many artists and unique locations. If you think the beach is the only place to take an Instagram photo then you are missing out on some of the best. Hey you! Subscribe to Miami for all the latest and greatest stories. Xandi Garcia, 30, was the ringleader of the group, The Miami Herald reported, with investigators saying Garcia used Instagram to flaunt a range of stolen luxury jewelry, clothes and other pricey ... Miami Instagram Account Shows Party for 400 People During Pandemic Joshua Ceballos September 25, 2020 10:06am The Burning Man-themed party attracted about 400 people.


2020.07.20 19:11 relddir_rm aishathalia

Dedicated to the slim thick Instagram bombshell from Miami, Aisha Thalia (IG: @aishathalia).

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A local community for musicians, bands, songwriters, promoters, and music lovers to engage and share music, connect/network, buy/sell/trade gear, build together, and share + discuss upcoming events.

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Natalie Martinez

2020.10.01 15:07 lil8iscotti New X Music On Scheme Season

So I run my own video production page called Bisgottiboy on Instagram and YouTube. (@bisgottiboy if you’d like to give it a follow) with aspirations to shoot music videos for rappers.
Last night I met a kid who has shot for a more local rapper to the east coast that those of you may not know named Mir Fontane. He told me in 2016 he was in Miami / South Florida doing work and that he had met w scheme during his trip, before x was big. He even mentioned that Scheme FaceTimed with X and Ski while they were in the same room.
I was told that Scheme has been working on Scheme season since 2016, and has unreleased X and Ski verses, but since the passing of X and him growing closer to juice and being bigger in the industry, he’s grown the tape over the span of years.
I could be wrong, hear say at the end of the day is hear say, but I post this to relay some hope that we still have some X classics coming. Happy to be able to share that. And even if they don’t make the final tape, I’m just glad I met someone who met scheme who was FaceTiming x, even before x was famous. Pretty cool story to me.
Enjoy your Thursday friends
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2020.09.30 17:58 Heisenberg_47 Check out this Instagram Page, im getting the feeling theyre gonna start posting all the hot Cuban and Miami girls that we do in here!

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2020.09.30 07:52 ComeThr0wawayWithMe8 I got tired of seeing a high school classmate's IML bullshit on Instagram, so I started to pay attention to the details of his social media posts.

This should be a word of warning, really to everyone to stop sharing so much on social media. But if you're some dumbass IML goon who scams people, I feel justified in shattering your bubble.
Meet C. He rose to a level in IML locally where he was good enough to be used by the company basically as a promotional model.
C moved to Miami to live the 22 year old Forex millionaire lifestyle, or at least play the part on Instagram. Cue the photos of C on the beach, C on a yacht, in a rented AMG, and C in "his" mansion surrounded by his fellow community college meathead comrades who pose for photos of them nodding at their phones like they have any fucking clue how finance works.
Well, I'm like fuck it. I know C makes jack shit based on IML's Income Disclosure Statement. Everything is being paid for by IML to sell an image. But I want confirmation, I'm an asshole and I want him to know that he can be made out for the fraud he is.
So I just pay attention. C posts a photo of him at his mansion's pool, I pay attention. He posts a screenshot of him ordering Uber Eats, I take note of the approximate location of the home. He posts photos of him in his barely furnished room "grinding" so I can tell what is being taken at "home."
I know the difference between what is taken at an AirBnB used to pitch IML and what is their "home" used to sell the idea of him being a well-to-do Forex trader with a Miami mansion.
He reposts a story from his sister gushing over visiting him in his gated community. I take note.
After about a month, I fire up Google Maps. Based on the Uber Eats screenshot, I narrow it down to the only gated community possible. All the homes are waterfront in canals just off the beach. Street view shows the community is gated. Almost every home has a pool, however his is unique because it is covered by a glass panel with several support beams. In the background of the pool photos is clear sky, dense palm trees, a black railing, and a distinctive home across the canal from the pool.
I found a handful of homes with similar covered pools. Only one had dense vegetation in the backyard facing the canal and dock. It's facing east so no skyrises from the beach to the west are in the skyline. The home across the canal roughly matches the 3D view in Google Maps.
So I plug in the address to Google and start looking at Redfin, Zillow, Etc. They have interior photos of the rooms, pool, and common areas of the home. Same exact pool, same exact living rokm where they pose for their "family meetings." Down the the railing on the dock I can see in his daily pool photo, I have it for sure.
The home is off market but the prior listing indicates it has been maintained as a rental. I run the assessor data through the county to find the new owner, lo and behold the buyer is also a real-estate management corp not affiliated to IML. Their website returns to them renting out properties in the area.
So now I have C's fake mansion's address. I want to send stacks and stacks of the Income Disclosure Statement over there just to be petty.
If you pay attention, these people aren't hard to completely dismantle. I did it just to see if I could, I didn't sit on his profile 24/7 obsessing. I just viewed his content in passing and felt like I knew enough about him to sleuth google maps for 20 minutes looking for the home. It was easy. These people live in denial and scam kids looking to get rich quick. It's like a cult and I want to shatter his illusion that he can pretend without anyone being the wiser.
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This website has officially been taken over by the Instagram normies. Redditors used to be smart & say what they think in more than just one word, but not anymore I guess. Since you probably didn’t know, there are more words in the English language other than “Funny.”. Maybe expand your vocabulary before commenting again.
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Cringe 100
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2020.09.29 04:49 SC_Ravel The intersection of the NBA, Boston, and "Miami Vice."

Here is something to ponder on this night with no basketball:
1.) Bill loves the show "Miami Vice." He has mentioned the show in his columns and podcasts for almost 20 years. 2.) One of his favorite non-Celtics players from the 1980s is Bernard King, who he mentioned in numerous columns and the BoB. 3.) Obviously, I don't have to go into his love for Bill Russell. He just "instagrammed" the guy.
What if I told you that there was an episode of "Miami Vice" that featured Bill Russell as a judge with a gambling problem and Bernard King as his son?
Seriously, has Bill EVER wrote or spoken about this? Is he not aware? It would seem like a "Miami Vice" episode that starred a Boston Celtic would be a wish he would make to a Genie. Yet I can't recall him mentioning it.
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2020.09.29 00:12 ZipZipTheGargoyle 15 Probably Biased Reasons the Miami Heat can defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals

Alright so instead of doing any school work I spent the last four hours or so coming up with a list of reasons I feel good about our chances in this series. I wrote this with a non-heat-fan audience in mind because my plan was to post it on FB, so you may notice a bunch of stuff in there that is common knowledge in this sub (esp when I talk about Spo). If someone wants the source for a specific stat, let me know. Didn't feel like citing every single thing lol. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read! I've been a die-hard fan since 2004, and this squad is probably my favorite. What a magical run. I'm grateful to share it with all you guys! Enjoy my rambling:
  1. Strength in numbers. Everyone is talking about LA having the two best players in this series, but so far only JJ Redick has pointed out that Miami has the next best five. This must mean something, right? Maybe this is a point of contention, but, to me, 5 very good players > 2 outstanding players.
  2. Built for LeBron. Throughout LeBron’s tenure in the league, there has been a group of players that have consistently been able to guard him effectively. Of the eight players who were the best at guarding LeBron between 2014 and 2018, three are on Miami. Iguodala (#8), Crowder (#6), and Butler (#4). While Jimmy has excelled at limiting Bron’s FG% (a 13% decrease in accuracy) and forcing him to turn the ball over (a 29% increase), Crowder has limited his scoring volume (33% fewer points) and assists (39% fewer assists), with a similar impact from Iggy (20% fewer points, 29% fewer assists). Not to mention, Miami has two more players that can switch onto any position 1-5: Derrick Jones Jr. and Bam. Bam came into this league as a defensive specialist, and this asset of his has not been reduced, which is evidenced by his election to the NBA All-defensive team this year. DJJ is a defensive machine, with a 7’0” wingspan that frequents passing lanes. From this perspective, this team actually appears like it was built to handle LeBron.
  3. LeBron has struggled against Miami since he left in 2014. Between 2014 and 2018, LeBron was 0-8 when playing in Miami. This includes losing to a team that went 37-45 and a team that started off 2016 going 11-30, led by Dion Waiters… It’s clear that LeBron does not play his best basketball when the Heat are in their comfort zone. Amidst the media effort to discredit Miami all playoffs (an argument for another time), there has been a common viewpoint: the Orlando bubble has generated a relative homecourt advantage for the Heat. They’re playing in the same climate, they’ve been within a few hours of their families all along, and, heck, they probably even have some of their local TV channels in their hotel. This may be a stretch, but one can’t ignore that they have the same win percentage (80%) in the bubble that they did when playing at home this season. If the Heat continue to play like they’re the home team this season, history suggests LeBron will have a hard time.
  4. “Playoff LeBron” is less relevant here. Bron has never had to play against Miami in the playoffs before. His getting to the finals 9 of the last 10 years means a lot less when you consider 4 of those times were with the Heat and none of the other times were against them. More importantly, he has never had to battle Erik Spoelstra in a playoff series. If you have been watching Miami in these playoffs, you’ve had the fortune of watching Spo make major adjustments from game to game. This is a team that never repeats mistakes and is subsequently very tough to exploit.
  5. LA’s biggest strengths will be weaknesses against Miami. At first glance, the most threatening aspects of LA’s game against Miami (aside from the obvious greatness of LeBron and AD) are their height and their dominance in the paint. We need to consider the flipside of these powers, though; when LA goes big, they sacrifice pacing significantly. Anyone who watched Miami during the season saw how lethal they are in the fast break and how quickly they can move the ball to find the open man. LA can’t afford to sacrifice speed for the sake of height. And if LA chooses to close off the paint to drives from Bam, Jimmy, Dragic, and Herro, they will inevitably give up open threes. This would be an absolute gift to Duncan Robinson, who has the 5th best 3pt % of all time, even ahead of Steph Curry. Not to mention the elite shooting offered by Tyler Herro, the ever-present threat of Jae Crowder getting streaky (Jae had a 4-game stretch in the playoffs in which he shot 20/41 from three), and the strong 3pt shooting of Dragic. In fact, every player on Miami besides Bam can and will shoot the three ball. Even Jimmy has made one out of every three of his attempts in the playoffs, and Iggy went 4 for 4 in Game 6 of the ECF. Look for LA to have a hard time finding the balance between keeping Miami’s aggressors out of the paint without freeing up the perimeter – an issue Miami needs to worry much less about.
  6. Bam is statistically favored in a matchup with Anthony Davis. Sure, AD is going to outscore Bam. But in terms of their relative impact on each other, the analytics favor Bam. AD will not be able to score in isolation the way he did against Denver (and without that high-percentage iso scoring, LA loses Games 2 and 4 in that series, potentially prompting a 7-game series). Bam is slightly favored from an offensive perspective too, assuming AD guards him most of the time.
    1. Bam ranks 3rd in the NBA in direct isolation defense.
    2. Bam ranks 3rd in the NBA in points per drive, while AD ranks 4th.
    3. Bam ranks 12th in the NBA in points allowed per drive, while AD ranks 66th!!!
    4. Bam is killing it on the boards in the playoffs, grabbing 11.2 rpg (5th in the playoffs), compared to 9.3 by AD (14th in the playoffs).
    5. AD’s standout performances in the playoffs so far should be qualified by the fact that he faced slow defenders on the Nuggets and Blazers and had a humungous height advantage against the Rockets. Bam has none of these vulnerabilities.
  7. LA has no answer for Miami’s three-point shooting. LA has allowed teams to shoot 36.6% from three in the playoffs (ranked 9th), and, as my reasoning from #5 above suggests, this is the Heat’s bread and butter. Consider also that Boston’s league-best perimeter defense (held opponents to 31% 3pt in the playoffs) wasn’t enough to beat the Heat. If Miami can beat a team that negates their strongest skill in 6 games, imagine what they can do without that obstacle. If the 3pt flood gates open for Miami, LA will need to respond with threes of their own. Well, there’s an answer for that, too. Miami is 2nd in 3pt defense in the playoffs. Say goodbye to pretty much any usefulness from Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma.
  8. Miami wins the free throw battle. The Heat are shooting 82.1% from the FT line in the playoffs, while LA is shooting a concerning 74.7% on two less attempts per game. Bam is personally shooting 82.4% (which is nuts for a center) and has steadily been getting to the line more and more. LA will need to hope AD gets to the line much more than LeBron does to try to balance out his poor shooting from the stripe (74.1% vs. AD’s 81%).
  9. Erik Spoesltra is going to coach circles around Frank Vogel. I don’t think anyone can even remotely challenge this, but just to be safe, I’ll cite a few of the adjustments Spo has expertly made in the playoffs so far. I’m sure Vogel has made minor but impactful adjustments that I didn’t register, but he certainly hasn’t made any as big as Spo has. Most notable for Vogel in my opinion were the times he has gotten creative with Rondo and Dwight’s minutes. Aside from those, their play in the bubble has just seemed like LeBron driving and/or feeding AD while the sponge brains that fill out the roster do what LeBron tells them so he doesn’t look at them with fatherly disappointment. Some examples of Spo’s adjustments are:
    1. Put Dragic in the starting lineup after his 6th Man of the Year level performance all season coming off the bench. Spo had the foresight to change Dragic’s role even though he absolutely brutalized second strings all year long. This resulted in Dragic consistently dropping over 20 points all playoffs and being a source of offense when it wasn’t coming from anywhere else.
    2. Benched Kendrick Nunn after starting him all year long and him finishing 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting. Spo then eliminated all Nunn’s minutes when he realized his skillset wasn’t going to be maximally productive against Boston. This had a huge effect on game outcomes.
    3. Benched Meyers Leonard after starting him every game this season. Meyers gave this team height and a huge 3pt threat. Conceding both of these benefits after they blatantly contributed to winning also paid off big time. Another example of Spo taking what the other team gives him rather than stubbornly using a proven system. He has a rare immunity to the dangerous “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset in that he fixes things before they even have a chance to break.
    4. Designed the only defensive scheme that has been able to contain Giannis all year long. Literally no other team has been able to do this. If it was as simple as “building a wall”, other teams would have done it. Miami did it effectively during the season (2-1) and the playoffs (4-1), with the latter including minor adjustments to contain Middleton and render Bledsoe useless.
    5. Executed a zone that effectively contained the Celtics offense. If it weren’t for Tatum, Brown, Walker, and Smart reliably hitting tightly contested threes and midrange jumpers, this may have been a 4-1 series. Aside from Game 3 and the 3rd quarter of Game 5, Brad Stevens had almost no answer for the zone despite having at least three incredible scorers on the floor at all times.
  10. Unpredictability factor. If Miami successfully defends Bron and AD, those two will have nobody else to go to for scoring. Throughout these entire playoffs, a Laker whose name isn’t LeBron or Anthony has only scored more than 18 points one time, and it was Rondo (while Rondo does represent a bit of a wildcard, I am pretty confident he will not have a 20 point game in this series). In 8 of the 15 games, none of their non-Bron or non-AD guys even exceeded 15 points. LeBron and AD are the only players averaging over 11. The Heat have SIX players averaging over 11. Anyone can have themselves a game on any given night. No amount of film can prepare the Lakers for it. There are games where Duncan Robinson hits 7 or 8 threes. Bam just put up 32, 14, and 5 to close out the East Finals. 20-year-old Tyler Herro put up 37 off the bench against a Brad Stevens defense. Jimmy put up 40 against the best defensive team in the NBA. Dragic has been consistently putting up 20 or more as a reliable cushion. No one can argue that planning a defensive scheme is going to be a more complex problem for Vogel than it will be for Spo, who has time and time again proven he is LeBron’s toughest challenge in this league. The only new variables for Spo’s consideration are AD’s scoring, Rondo’s playmaking (in limited minutes), and how much less of a 3-point threat this team is than LeBron’s previous teams.
  11. Boston is a better overall team than LA, and Miami busted through them in 6 games. Hot take, I know. But consider that Boston blew out LA 139-107 this year. Boston has 3 of the best, craftiest scorers in the league, along with the efficient Gordon Hayward and the breakout two-way phenomenon that is Marcus Smart. Miami did not match up well with Boston at all, and they still made it out of the East. And in the continued interest of disrespecting Frank Vogel: Brad Stevens >>> Vogel.
  12. Miami has been preparing for this for months. Everyone knew it would be an LA team coming out of the West, and once we saw Playoff P become Wayoff P, I think we all figured it would be the Lakers. But even before this, back when the season shut down, you can believe Spo was in the lab cooking up a plan for the Lakers. I don’t think anyone can deny Spo is one of the smartest coaches in the league. If you think he didn’t spend at least some of the 3 months he was stuck in his house planning for a potential Lakers matchup, you’re in a clinically worrisome state of denial. Similarly, you’re out of your mind if you think LA spent a single second planning for Miami before they took over the Bucks series. Even after that, how much time can a coach really dedicate to planning for another team when your guys are still battling to advance? This obviously applies to both parties, but Miami has the clear pre-bubble advantage here. Some sources actually gave Miami 110-1 odds of making the finals when the season started. Who in their right mind would scout a team like that when Giannis was having an MVP season and leading the Bucks to the best record in the NBA? Hell, even after Miami gentlemen-swept the #1 seed Bucks, ESPN still didn’t dive into what Miami was doing right. Instead, they spent three days talking about who Giannis was following on Instagram. This team has the clear benefit of no one giving a shit about them until now, while LA has been public enemy #1 for a year. It’s also worth mentioning that Miami plays what is probably the closest thing to “position-less basketball” in the league. It even caused league-wide head scratching when it came time to vote for All Stars by position: nobody had any idea what position Jimmy Butler played. This sort of free-flowing, unrestricted playstyle is intrinsically challenging to plan for. This Laker team has never dealt with the spin Bam puts on the point-center role. Jokic is a skilled playmaker but he is much slower than Bam, and PJ Tucker lacks playmaking and height. This will be an entirely new challenge for LA.
  13. No NBA coach has LeBron’s number the way Spo does. He coached him for 4 years and did such an effective, focused job at it that it resulted in 2 titles in that time. Compare that to Bron winning just 1 other title in the other 12 years he played before this season. Yeah, yeah, he had Wade and Bosh, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Bron’s time in Miami was huge for his growth as a leader and playmaker. Spo and Pat Riley’s teachings are a huge part of the way Bron sees the game now. If they were able to exploit this in one-off, meaningless regular season games, imagine what they can do in a series with a championship on the line.
  14. LA has not been tested in the playoffs. Miami has, and they’ve adapted. Aside from losing Game 1 against Portland and Houston, what tests have the Lakers faced? They opened up the playoffs against the defensive-trash-can Trailblazers who gave actual minutes to Hassan Whiteside, a player so detrimental to his team that Miami effectively paid to get rid of him, and had to deal with an injured Damian Lillard for two games. Then they went up against their best mismatch in the entire league, the small-ball Rockets. Not only could they feast on the height gap, they could reap the benefits of Houston’s offense relying on Westbrook’s drunk-driving, rabid-animal, Stevie-Wonder-passing playstyle and Harden’s contested threes and chronic need to get calls. Finally, they played the Denver Nuggets, who were admittedly very impressive, but were still only the 11th net rated team in the league. They avoided the Clippers entirely. Compare this to a Miami team who was given a .02% chance of making it past the 2nd round. A team whose 2nd playoff matchup was against the #1 team in the league with the #1 defensive rating, back-to-back MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and three players from the All-Defensive Team. A team who then had to battle the Boston Celtics, a team loaded with top draft picks. Butler even admitted the Celtics have more talented players, and I think we can all agree with that. Miami was tested in both of these series. They had to generate a defensive scheme to stop the 2x MVP while still containing Middleton, a rare midrange specialist. They had to completely change their approach against Boston, a team with more scoring versatility than any team in the league. LA has a much realer chance of entering this series from a place of complacency, having hardly needed to adapt so far. Miami has been developing the entire time.
  15. Miami’s mindset is more conducive to winning a title. The narrative for this Heat squad is that they individually and collectively have a chip on their shoulder. This is the narrative not simply because ESPN realized people are tired of hearing the word “culture.” It’s the narrative because it’s true at every level. From the undrafted Duncan Robinson who was actively pursuing a career in media just three years ago, to the under-recruited Jimmy Butler whose mom kicked him out at age 13 because she “didn’t like his looks”, these guys all have a shared mentality. This is the intersecting point of at least 10 different sad storylines, all coming together to prove something. We’ve seen it each of the seven times they have beaten Vegas’s odds. We’ve seen it each time they’ve recovered from 15+ point deficits. We just saw it against the Celtics when Bam took the blame for losing Game 5 and then dropped a career high in Game 6. Juxtapose this team-wide mentality to the Lakers, who, more than anything, are trying not to lose. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me here. Probably no one will. But hear me out. Yes, the Lakers are playing for Kobe. But, the effect of that isn’t as simple as inspiring them to win. It’s putting pressure on them to not blow this. The Lakers have two of the best players in the NBA, and one of them is one of the greatest athletes in history. They’re a 1 seed going up against a 5 seed built on completely opposite principles: player development and organization-wide commitment. They risk being the catalyst for a paradigm shift in how teams are built. If LA loses, league executives will need to question super teams and tanking for draft picks, two of the prevailing approaches to winning for more than the last decade, and genuinely consider Miami’s approach. This storyline would go hand-in-hand with LeBron ruining his legacy with his finals record becoming 3-7. This could be the straw that breaks the Jordan comparison’s back. I’m not saying LeBron’s fear of a 7th finals loss is greater than his desire for a 4th finals win. I’m not saying he is more worried about disappointing Kobe than he is motivated to honor Kobe. I’m not saying he is more scared of the entire-locker-room-for-AD trade not paying off than he is excited to use the power of them as a duo in the finals. What I am saying is that he and the Lakers have so much more to lose than the Heat do, and, if we learned anything from the Clippers this year, it’s that fear of losing is not an optimal motivator. Not when you compare it to what is driving this Miami team.

EDIT: fixed numbering formatting
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2020.09.28 15:28 Mtommy Caught some people who I'd previously turned away in the pool.

Sundays are usually pretty relaxed I've found, I've had this job for a few months and it's great because I can study between work on my 3-11s. Today was not relaxed.
Couple came in asking for a room with two beds and if our pool was open, & can I keep it open longer since it's closing soon? (No) Right off the bat, the guy reeks of pot. I tell them the price. Dude starts pulling out cash so I tell them that the full amount plus deposit needs to be on a card, not cash. They start calling people to cash app them money. Meanwhile, I figure they're going to smoke up the room so I tell the guy he needs to sign a form acknowledging our smoking policy. He gets mad and says they don't smoke. I just give him a "really?" face and say I can smell it. They say it's not them. I just hold the paper out, not continuing until they take it. Then they say that they actually do smoke but they have better places to do it. They ask me why I'm giving them a hard time, and if I'm a racist.
No, just sign the paper. Finally I get the guy to take it. Now the girl is mad at me because the room is being reserved under her name and they guy took the paper to sign, so I must also be a sexist.
They've been pretty disrespectful the whole time, lots of little comments but I'm just dealing with it. While I'm putting their info in, one of my housekeepers who had been here nearly 12 hours at this point comes down after touching up a room and tells me he's so tired, there's no way he can work tomorrow. Turns out he just had the day off but the way he phrased it, I thought he was calling off or even quitting, so I asked him if he was because I didn't want to see him go.
The lady asks me if I or my dad own the place, why am I talking to him like that! (My housekeeper wasn't offended at all, he knows I'm not like that. Maybe she asked because he's the same race as them) At this point I'm done with them. I hand her back her card and ID and tell them they can go. They've been rude the whole time and I didnt want to deal with them. They start asking what I'm talking about, they've been joking the whole time! I crumble up their form and tell them they can go. They start muttering about the money I'm making as they walk out.
A little while later, another couple comes in, and I suspect they were all together because the guy had popped in and stepped fairly close to the first couple during check in, and then went out the door moments later, but I wasn't 100% sure. So I asked a few more questions than normal. How many people in the room?
Who else is coming?
"My sister is coming in an hour."
Alright, I need her name to add as an accompanying guest. She gives me what turns out to be a fake name. Still suspicious at this point of course, but whatever, I check them in.
The couple I checked in come down to the pool to be let in, it's 9:10 at this point, pool closes at 10. Due to covid, we can only have 12 people in there at a time, so the doors are only unlocked from the inside or by staff keys. There's a sign explaining this, so the girl comes up and asks to be let in. I take down her room number and name, and ask her how many people are going to be swimming.
So I go let them in.
Five minutes later, another family who had already reserved time in the pool come down and ask to be let in. I unlock the door and through the window I can see 4 people swimming. Couple number one was let in by couple number two. Nope, not having that. They see me and try to hide in the opposite end of the pool, turning their faces. I walk up and it's definitely the couple from earlier who I turned away. I told them they can't stay here.
"We're just visiting?"
No, I told you you're not allowed here, you were disrespectful earlier.
"We're not bothering anyone."
I don't care, you were disrespectful earlier, talking about how much I make. Lying about smoking, calling me a racist. You're not staying here.
"We were just joking" the girl says, "in my work, we joke around."
What do you do for work?
"I'm an instagram influencer."
They keep trying to plead, and I finally say I'm not arguing anymore and I'm calling the cops to have them kicked out. Couple number 2 are just watching at this point and I say they can stay, but these two have to go.
This was a mistake that didn't end up mattering, because they said they're leaving too then. They're all adamant that I don't have to call the cops, but I don't care, there's 4 of them, 1 of me, and the dude who's just watching has one ankle in the pool because his other one has an ankle monitor. They ask if they get their money back, and just to get them out, I say yeah I'll refund you as I'm walking out of the pool. My co-worker told me later that we don't refund people who are getting kicked out.
I call the cops and tell them the situation, ask if they can send someone to watch the lot for trouble/make sure 4 people of this description leave.
The cops arrive and come inside and ask me what's happening, I start to tell them two people I'd refused service too earlier had snuck in and they were leaving, and the other two were leaving by choice.
As the cop is telling me to print off their reservation and info so we can go up and make sure they're leaving, the come down to the front desk, and slow up when they see the two cops. They get mad and start telling the cops that once again, [I'm a racist.]
The cops ask if I want them gone tonight or for good. I say for good. They get loud again and the cops tell them to come outside and they can talk there.
A couple guests were waiting to check in while some of this was happening, so I check them in and one of the cops comes back in as I'm finishing helping them.
He takes my statement and I thank him. The family I let into the pool came back and checked on me after they finished swimming and told me after I left, they were muttering that I was racist as they gathered their stuff. Told them I appreciate them.
Pretty quiet the rest of the night and I was able to do some CAD homework and watch Boston lose to Miami.
I'd never denied service before, and I'd never called the cops before, so this was interesting for me.
Hope they enjoyed their 5 minutes in the pool.
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2020.09.28 05:35 sons_shadow I (M36) have a LDR (W34) across the country. Quarantine is not helping and I need help on how to keeping the relationship alive due to distance and time.

Backstory: We met during a work function a few years back. We kept the relationship strictly profession, had secret crushes on each other and respected the fact we were both in our separate marriages.
Last September, we met at another work function in another city and were supposed to be there for a full work week. We met up the first night with our coworkers for happy hour and really hit it off. As the night wound down, everyone there either left to go to sleep or separated into their own groups. She and I sat out on a patio and talked about everything.
Turns out we were both in shitty marriages and both in the beginning stages of divorcing our respective spouses. We also both have a elementary school aged kids a few months apart in age. We had both sobered up during that talk and we both agreed not to drink any more. We both admitted that this work function was to be an escape from our respective divorces, but talking about it did hurt, but finding someone else with the same pain that we could talk to help a lot.
Fast forward 2 more hours of talking and connecting, it was obvious there was a lot of chemistry there. We were both reluctant to act on our urges because 1. this is a work function and 2. we both still technically married.
The rest of the week was just absolute magic. On the last night, I admitted that there was obviously something between us, but I was afraid that we were on the rebound due to our respective divorces. She agreed, but said that she had never met anyone like me and likewise I said the same to her. Since we mutually felt there was something, we should take our time and explore it.
At the airport, she found my terminal and we got a coffee and hid in a semi-private place, talked and we kissed when they called final boarding for my flight.
The next 3 months, we were sending hundreds of messages a day to each other and getting to know each other more. We both coincidentally got our respective separation agreements signed on the same day AND our company had announced dates for the annual all-hands meeting in Miami. We planned to come a few days early and hangout before the week long all-hands gathering. I secretly booked a super fancy hotel, nice dinner date and rented a nice car for the weekend. She was surprised when we got into our fancy room I booked. Later that night I got our convertible rental car and drive around Miami, had dinner and walked on the beach. I won't go into the details of that weekend or that week, but it was hands down the best week of our lives.
The next several weeks of messages got more intense and we both started planning our lives together. We would sext, send pics of ourselves, our kids, food we made, abuse emojis, talk about getting married and anything else we wanted. We would face time at least 3 or 4 times a week when we had the time. We even secretly wrote love letters to each other, send them and have the other person read them back during Face Time. The best part was that we were SUPER blunt, to the point, honest and transparent with each other. We were both head over heels for each other and neither one of use thought that the other person could exist. She and I even bought wedding bands online. I got hers and she got mine and promised to trade the next time we met (but not actually get legally married) - kinda like a promise ring.
Then quarantine hit. I live on the East Coast and she lives on the West Coast, so we have go be mindful of evening chats so we our sleep. We were both getting stressed about our respective kids and divorces and work (we do drastically different things at our company), but we drew on each other's encouragement to make it through. This has been going on for several months with the quarantine with no end in site, all on-location meetings and gathers have been canceled indefinitely as well and there are no practical means of us traveling to see each other. Then the riots. Then the wild fires. 2020 PLEASE END!!!!!
Out of the blue I get a message a few weeks ago that "we need to talk" My initial reaction was something happened to her or her kid. Typically, if someone says that it is best to literally talk about it, not message. I was free, so we started messaging each other.
Turns out that she has "no energy for you". This shocked me. I asked if everything was okay and in return I got the cliched "it is not you, it is me" discussion. I asked if I had ever asked for anything from her that she was not comfortable with, took up a lot of her time or was demanding. She said it was none of that and that I was super accommodating and respectful of her time and emotions. "We're just friends now and nothing more, but we can chat from time to time"
TBH, I was more heartbroken than when my exwife and I decided to divorce. Yes, I am guilty of putting the cart in front of the horse with my new relationship. Hell, we were planning on getting married, building our dream house and having our "twins" grow up with each other.
I told her I was devastated and heartbroken. I was so out of sorts that I couldn't think straight and ask more questions. We both agreed that we should take a night off and talk the next day. I got maybe 1 hour of sleep that night.
We ended up not talking for 3 days straight. Nothing.
She messaged me and said she loved and missed me and asked how I was doing. I sobbed reading that message. I messaged her back and told her that I was not doing well at all. I told her that I didn't know how to "chat" with her since I didn't know what the boundaries were. She got frustrated with me for not respecting her request. From there, it has been a handful of messages a week. Then I'd get a message about "wouldn't it be nice if we went to our favorite vacation spot together?" UGH!! The emotional conflicts I'm having!!! Friends? and you want to spend time in our most romantic place we dreamed about? She would also send instagram pics of spiritual motivational text or comics - something that was new to me before I met her, but we bonded over for the last several months.
I took the initiative and Face Timed her and asked what was going on and to help me understand how we can be "friends", have "no energy" for me, but tell me she loves and misses me. She said she is conflicted. She is so busy being nearly a single mom, work is piling up so fast and hard and that our relationship would need to be scarified so that she can function. I told her that I totally get that. I did tell her that I drew a lot of my strength from our relationship and that where we differed. She admitted that wanting me so badly and to have our future together was weighing on her. Not only did the quarantine have to end, but her ex-husband was to get his job relocated to near where I live. The latter is the biggest anxiety we had since it was a long shot. One of us relocation across the country was not exactly ideal or practical.
At this point, we send a few messages a week, we still tell each other we love and miss each other, but that is going to get old SUPER fast.
I am not the best communicator or know how to be creative, so I am desperate for ideas. or ways to keep the relationship alive.
submitted by sons_shadow to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 20:05 TX_Clan_Reddit [RUMOR] Mafia 4 Is In Development For PS5 Console Exclusive

Please note that this is a rumor.
Mafia 4 which may be in development may be a PS5 Exclusive as 2K and Sony are in works of a partnership. Mafia 4 will be developed using the Mafia 3 engine and it will be set in 1969-1975 Miami And New Orleans. You will be able to drive from city to city at 120FPS and 4K. It will look at least 2x better than Mafia 1 Remake and the reflections on cars will not be pixelated. There will be a online mode we’re you can play with your friends, it will be “Like a GTA Online style set 2 years after the campaign”.
Another rumor, Mafia 4 is/may be set to release in 2022-2024 and will be on Xbox Series X after a 5 Month PS5 Console Exclusive.
Rumor is made by Astro Rumors/Leaks, A Division Of Astro International. Instagram- Astroesc.
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MAC's Week 3 NFL Update & Game Predictions -

Week 2 in the National Football League was as wild as it gets. The Cowboys provided one of the greatest comebacks in history, and the injury bug hit the San Francisco 49ers.
2021 Super Bowl LV Odds
  • Kansas City Chiefs +500
  • Baltimore Ravens +500
  • San Francisco 49ers +1200
  • New England Patriots +1800
  • New Orleans Saints +900
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1800
  • Dallas Cowboys +1600
  • L.A. Chargers +5000
  • Green Bay Packers +2000
  • Seattle Seahawks +1200
  • Philadelphia Eagles +4000
  • L.A. Rams +2200 (MAC's Long shot)
  • Cleveland Browns +4000
  • Minnesota Vikings +4000
  • L.A. Raiders +5000 (MAC's Money Mover)
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  • Denver Broncos +10000
  • Carolina Panthers +17500
  • New York Giants +15000
  • New York Jets +20000
  • Detroit Lions +10000
  • Arizona Cardinals +2000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +17500
  • Cincinnati Bengals +20000
  • Miami Dolphins +15000
  • Washington Football Team +12500
San Francisco 49ers lose Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas - The 49ers beat the New York Jets 31-13 in Week 2, but it came with a huge cost. The Niners two starting defensive-ends, Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas, suffered ACL injuries. Both are out from 6 to 8 weeks. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is questionable in Week 3 due to a knee injury. Running back Raheem Mostert is listed as doubtful due to an MCL sprain. The 49ers play the New York Giants in Week 3.
There’s a good likelihood the Niners sit both players even if either is ready to go. San Francisco is 1-1. Their next division game is in Week 6. That’s the battle coach Kyle Shanahan should circle for Mostert’s return. Garoppolo should be ready by Week 4. When it comes to Bosa and Thomas, other defenders must step it up. The 49ers have a good defense, but they lost Richard Sherman in the first week. The Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins are there next three opponents. But, after that, the Niners play the Rams, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, and New Orleans Saints all in a row. Things could get tough for the SF defense unless a couple of players step it up.
Cowboys provide amazing comeback against Falcons - At halftime of Sunday’s win against the Atlanta Falcons, the Dallas Cowboys were down 29-10. Not only did the Cowboys come back and win, but they came back to win 40-39. The Boys got an onside kick, unheard of in today’s NFL, and then converted a field goal. What’s interesting about the onside kick is that instead of pouncing on the football, Falcon players waited for it to go out of bounds. That makes absolutely no sense and is the reason the Cowboys were able to notch their first win of the season. Atlanta’s defense is the worst in the NFL. Coach Dan Quinn is on the hot seat because of it. Boneheaded plays like the one that led to the loss at home won’t help Quinn’s case to keep his job.
Ravens and Chiefs on collision course in NFL Week 3 - There were other Week 2 highlights. The Las Vegas Raiders opened Allegiant Stadium with a solid 31-24 win over the New Orleans Saints while the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson beat Cam Newton and the New England Patriots 35-30. Also, both the Ravens and Chiefs won their respective games. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans 33-16 while the KC Chiefs required overtime to beat the Chargers 23-20. Los Angeles quarterback Justin Herbert played exceptionally well. Coach Anthony Lynn said Herbert would remain the backup if Tyrod Taylor were healthy enough to play in Week 3. We’ll see how long Lynn sticks with that plan. Next Monday night, the Chiefs and Ravens battle. Baltimore looks like the team to beat in the AFC. They were the team to beat last season as well. It will be interesting to see how the Ravens’ defense handles Patrick Mahomes.

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2020.09.27 11:35 ImpressiveRaise2 Danielle is coocoo

I'm watching happily ever after with Danielle and Mohammed. Idk how the hell she is still on the show with all this people defending her at the tell all. When she went to miami it was ridiculous. I'd tell her to leave me alone too. No wonder he doesn't want to be friends with her she sends so many messages. I swear Nickel will be Danielle in a few years. And when she gets jealous of him posting pictures on instagram. He isn't even with her and she's going crazy. Sure the guy probabaly lied but how can the people defend her. Shes coocoo
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2020.09.26 15:27 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - September 26th, 2020

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2020.09.26 07:00 LonghornMod [9/26/2020] Saturday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

Today: 9/26/2020
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Trending on Reddit

  1. This is my cat Maddie. She was ~shook~
  2. Reinforced corner of a sail
  3. Teachers are so underrated
  4. Stumbling accidentally across a favorite movie on TV and watching it is way more satisfying than purposely looking for it because you already wanted to watch it.
  5. TIL that the Welsh Government funds a program which plants 2 trees for every child born or adopted in Wales - one in Wales, and one in a heavily-deforested region of Uganda. In October 2019, the tree planting scheme planted its 10 millionth tree
  1. The Monday Morning Playoff Committee
  2. [Dellenger] All SEC Teams Are Cleared To Play Tomorrow After Latest Test Results
  3. [Thamel] "Source: The MAC has approved the return of football this fall."
  4. What is an interesting Fact about your teams stadium.
  5. Kirk Herbstreit to call FSU-Miami and do Gameday from home due to Coronavirus concerns.
  6. Official Statement: MACtion is Back
  1. [9/25/2020] Friday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread
  2. [Pre Game Discussion] #8 Texas at Texas Tech
  3. 3* OT Max Merril Commits To Texas
  4. Five Star Texas QB commit Quinn Ewers highlights (Video from Sam Spiegelman/Rivals)
  5. Texas Pregamer: Texas Tech
  6. Ta'Quon Graham Media Availability [Sept. 25, 2020]
  7. Thank you Mr. Duvernay!
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2020.09.26 01:30 event_threads [Official] Titan FC 64 - Live Discussion Thread

Welcome to mma's discussion of Titan FC 64, from Miami, Florida, United States! Please keep the fight discussions in here.
If you do make a post about a fight remember to:
  • Keep spoilers out of the title,
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Click here to check the event start time.
Main Card: (UFC Fight Pass) @ 08:00 PM ET
Division Fighters Link
Heavyweight Said Sowma vs. Bobby Brents LINK
Welterweight Michael Lilly vs. Dilano Taylor LINK
Flyweight Royberth Echeverria vs. Philip Keller LINK
Lightweight Danny Collazo vs. Christopher Lavant LINK
Bantamweight Evelyn Martins vs. Serena DeJesus LINK
Undercard: (???) @ ???
Division Fighters Link
Fight card order may be inaccurate.
Useful Links
Live Updates: Tapology,
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Reddit: Reddit Stream, General Discussion, Flair bets, Predictions
Keep it civil.
Do not ask for or supply streams. Your post will be removed and your ability to post will be suspended.
Enjoy the fights! Get HYPE!
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2020.09.25 16:09 TheMACSPicks 9/25 - MAC's MLB Major Move Alerts + Trends/Analysis + Free Plays

9/25 - MAC's MLB Major Move Alerts + Trends/Analysis + Free Plays
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9/25 - MAC's MLB Major Move Alerts + Trends/Analysis + Free Plays

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9/25 - MAC's MLB Major Move Alerts + Trends/Analysis + Free Plays

06:05 PM - Ny Mets - R PORCELLO -R Was Nationals - M SCHERZER -R Play: (5 UNITS) - Patreon Members Only
Quick Trends:
  • Under is 5-0 in Mets last 5 games with the total set at 11.0 or higher.
  • Mets are 5-11 in their last 16 vs. a team with a losing record.
  • Mets are 15-36 in their last 51 games as a road underdog.
  • Under is 6-1-1 in Nationals last 8 home games with the total set at 7.0-8.5.
  • Under is 5-2-1 in Nationals last 8 home games vs. a team with a losing record.
  • Mets are 12-5 in the last 17 meetings.
08:05 PM - Det Tigers - S TURNBULL -R Kan Royals - B KELLER -R Play: (3 UNITS) Patreon Members Only
Quick Trends:
  • Tigers are 4-1 in their last 5 road games vs. a team with a losing record.
  • Royals are 1-4 in their last 5 overall.
  • Royals are 1-4 in their last 5 games on grass.
  • Royals are 24-51 in their last 75 games following a win.
  • Tigers are 3-9 in the last 12 meetings in Kansas City.
  • Over is 4-1 in the last 5 meetings in Kansas City.
09:40 PM - La Angels - A HEANEY -L La Dodgers - C KERSHAW -L Play: (3 UNITS) Patreon Members Only
Quick Trends:
  • Angels are 6-1 in their last 7 overall.
  • Angels are 6-1 in their last 7 games on grass.
  • Dodgers are 5-1 in their last 6 Friday game
  • Dodgers are 49-19 in their last 68 games as a favorite.
  • Under is 12-5 in the last 17 meetings.
  • Under is 7-1 in the last 8 meetings in Los Angeles.
MAC's MLB Parlay - 1 UNIT 2-0 This Week - Exclusively on Patreon 1/3 - $100 pays $300


9/25 - 8:30 PM Miami Heat vs Boston CelticsPlay: 1st Half Under 109

Celtics Top Players The Celtics scoring leader is Jayson Tatum, who averages 23.4 points per game. Marcus Smart leads Boston with 4.9 assists a game and Enes Kanter paces the squad with 7.4 rebounds per outing. Smart leads the team with 1.7 steals per game. Daniel Theis collects 1.3 blocks a game to pace Boston. The Celtics are led by Kemba Walker from beyond the arc. He knocks down 3.2 shots from deep per game.
Heat Top Players Jimmy Butler’s strong performances this season give him the top spot on the Heat scoring and assists leaderboards with 19.9 points per game and 6.0 assists per game. When it comes to rebounds, Bam Adebayo is the Miami leader with 10.2 per game. Butler is at the top of Miami’s steals hierarchy with 1.8 steals per game and Adebayo leads the squad in blocks with 1.3 per game. Duncan Robinson is tops from three-point range for the Heat, hitting 3.7 threes per game.
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2020.09.24 02:36 likemikesike Best Instagram Modeling Class in NYC, NJ, Miami, LA La Creme School

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2020.09.23 20:18 mmcaps [Artisan]Dissected gengar-mega-Remodeling sales (7 Colours)

They will be ready for shipping within about three days.
Special Note: The arrival time in the United States is approximately between 17 days to 30 days, which is shipped by usps in the United States, and other countries such as Canada and Australia. The shipping time is generally longer and you need more patience to wait. All order numbers can be tracked, please visit to track your shipment.
The difference between the 2D version and the 4D version is that it can be individually light-transmitting, which is an exclusive process, unlike the layered resin method for keycaps that you can see at the bottom of the picture.
Elemental carbon/LaseWhite Fox/Miami with fluorescent properties.
No painting and gluing process, all made of resin.
[4D]Exclusive Technology Shipping $6
elemental carbon MX stem / $37 / backlight
white fox MX stem / $37 / backlight
Patriot MX stem / $37 / backlight
Laser MX stem / $37 / backlight
Miami MX stem / $37 / backlight
Kryptonian Hunter MX stem / $37 / backlight
[2D Editions]Crazy Scribbler MX stem / $33
Sale Album
Order Form
*Please follow my Instagram for any future release.
Keep updated with our projects!
Distributed by MMCAPS Inc. in China
Reminder: After placing the order you will receive a confirmation email, after delivery you will also receive an email with a courier number, please track the logistics information according to the courier number provided in the email!
Support [Email:[email protected]](mailto:Email:[email protected])
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2020.09.23 17:08 serigraphtea MNET CAP-TEEN - Complete 40-Second-Self-Introductions and Family Auditions

In case you missed the announcements so far
CAP-TEEN is like KPOP STAR but only for contestants between 11-19.
The winning contestant (or contestants, groups are allowed to compete) will win a debut song and choreography. I assume they'll be either directly signed to CJ E&M or to one of their subsidiaries.
Jessi and Lee Seungchul will be judges.
Official Profile Highlights Part 1
Official Profile Highlights Part 2
Full Profiles Can be found here:

Name Age more information 40 Second Self Introduction Audition with Family
Hwang Boeung 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / 2NE1 - Come Back Home)
Hanbyul 16 Contestant On KPOP STAR 6, Ex-YG Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Nicki Minaj - Feeling Myself)
Francisca 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Shakira - Try Everything)
Lee Hanjun 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / TXT - 9 3/4)
ROBIN 18 Contestant On TO BE WORLDKLASS Self Introduction Audition (Dance / TXT - 9 3/4)
Choi Jongeun 14 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Mims - Like This)
Choi Yeeun 16 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / J Balvin - Machika)
Choi Minseo 17 Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Self Written - Heed My)
Joo Yejin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jessi J - Mama Knows Best )
Jo Eunbyeol 15 JB DANCE MUSIC Student Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BoA - Moto)
Cho Ahyeoung 19 Contestant On PRODUCE 48, Ex-FNC, Upvote Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Dance + Vocal + Rap / Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo)
Jo Sebin 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Oh My Girl - Nonstop)
Jo Seungho 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / NCT127 - Kick It)
Jo Minsoo 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Lady Bee - 10 Bands)
Jung Hyebin 17 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / TWICE - More & More)
Jeong Seonah 16 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jung Jungil - Hug Me)
Jeong Dain 17 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Oh My Girl - Bungee (Falling In Love))
Jeong Jongin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Car, The Garden - Tree)
Lee Hyesung 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Britney Spears - Oops... I Did It Again)
Lee Junhyuk 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Crush - Wooah)
Lee Jaeeun 12 KID-DOL under LITTLE MUSE, Musical Actress Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Kim Nahee - Carbonara)
Lee Yubin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Heize - &July)
Lee Seoeun 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Bol4 - Galaxy)
Lee Seobin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Kim Gunmo - Moon of Seoul)
Lee Dahyun 16 Pre-Debut Member of 05Klass, Youtuber Self Introduction Audition (Violin / Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal)
Yoon Jiwoo 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Anne-Marie - 2002)
Yoon Minseo 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Andra Day - Rise Up)
Yoo Jiny 18 Contestant On KPOP STAR 6, WORLDSTAR ENTERTAINMENT TRAINEE Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Sia - Alive)
Yoo Ayeon 15 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Enrique Iglesias - Move To Miami)
Yoo Sua 17 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Baek Yerin - Square)
Yoo Minha 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Cardi B - Like It)
U-Min 18 Dancer, Youtuber, Actress Self Introduction Audition (Dance / J. Balvin - Mi Gente)
Yoo Dawon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Lee Hi - Breathe)
Kang Damin 17 Contestant on PRODUCE 48 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do)
Nam Yoojoo 14 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do)
Oh Junhee 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BTS - Boy In Luv)
Oh Sohyeon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Oh My Girl - Dolphin)
Song Suwoo 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Lee Hi - Holo)
Song Hyerin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Taeyeon - All Night Long)
Bae Yujin 19 Model, appeared on Oh My Part, You Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Yoon Mirae - Always)
Bang Taehoon 19 CLIMIX Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Dance / The Boyz - Reveal)
Park Hyerim 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Tinashe - Superlove)
Park Hyewon 19 Self Introduction Audition (Keyboard + Vocal / Oh My Girl - Dolphin)
Park Jeongmin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jeong Sangkeun - Love Is)
Park Soyoon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jackson 5 - Want You Back)
Park Seoyoon 16 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Lee Hi - No One)
Park Gyeonghyeon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Taeyeon - All About You)
Lee Chaerin 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / ITZY - WANNABE)
Lee Yerin 16 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / ITZY - WANNABE)
Bang Minjeong 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Jeong Minseon 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Jeong Siwoo 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Kang Minju 13 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Roh Hyeonji 16 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Ciara - Freak Me)
Kang Himchan 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Youngtak - A Glass of Makgeolli)
Kim Hyungshin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Destiny's Child - Nasty Girl)
Kim Hyunwoo 17 Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Agust D - Dwaechita)
Kim Hanbyeol 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing)
Kim Hangyeom 18 Student at FUZE PRACTICAL MUSIC - Rock Singer Self Introduction Audition (Guitar + Vocal / Ariana Grande - Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart)
Kim Chaeyeong 19 DREAM VOCAL & DANCE Student, possibly Kakao M Trainee Self Introduction Audition (PRODUCE 48 - Rumor)
Kim Junsu 19 THINK ABOUT Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Untitled Dance)
Kim Jeongyeon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Melomance - Gift)
Kim Yechan 15 Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Self Written)
Kim Seonyu 13 JB DANCE MUSIC Student, Youtuber Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Hexstatic - Auto)
Kim Dohyeon 15 Traditional PANSORI Singer Self Introduction Audition (Traditional Pansori / 춘향가中이별가대목, DANCE / Jax Jones - Introduction)
Kim Nayoung 19 DEF DANCE SCHOOL Student, possible WM Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Untitled Dance)
Kwon Yeonwoo 18 Self Introduction Audition (Keyboard + Vocal / Abir - Tango)

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2020.09.23 16:14 TheMACSPicks MAC's College Football Report Odds + Plays - Week 4

MAC's College Football Report Odds + Plays - Week 4

MAC's College Football Report + Plays - Week 4

9/22 - Top Rated Plays + Special Release Betting Action & Game Breakdowns

MAC's complete sports betting report, all MAC's specialty bets, prediction analysis, and gambling action for the week into the weekend! - Only $7.00 on Patreon or Get the Special Free Offer on Substack - Join MAC's Gambling Report 30 days for free on Substack for a limited time, become a founding member and claim your Hoodie

Promo Code - \"THEMAC\"
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Phone: THE RED LINE - (Toll-Free @ 1-844-334-2613)
The Red Line - (Toll-Free @ 1-844-334-2613) - Text The Red Line to get a free exclusive release prediction.
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The Reddit Sports Report
The NBABETS Sub-Reddit
(NEW) MAC's Stock Market Tips

MAC's College Football Report + Plays - Week 4

Big Ten starts on Oct. 24 (News)

Oddsmakers installed Ohio State as a co-choice to win the College Football National Championship.
Teams will play eight game, conference only, schedules. The Big Ten Championship happens on Dec. 19 at Lucas Oil Stadium. Ohio State and Wisconsin are the favorites to play in the title game.
Going back to the Buckeyes, no season may have happened if not for OSU quarterback Justin Fields. The Heisman Trophy candidate argued that the conference shouldn’t allow fear to dictate whether or not they play.
College Football Playoff future handicappers side with Clemson, Buckeyes, and Bama
Clemson and Ohio State are co-choices at +250. Clemson has already played two games. The Tigers blew out Wake Forest 37-13. They dominated The Citadel 49-0.
On Oct. 3, Clemson takes on Virginia. On Oct. 10, they go against #12 Miami. Those two games will tell us more about Clemson. Three other games on the schedule could pose issues for the Tigers. Clemson faces #7 Notre Dame on Nov. 7. They finish the season with games against #21 Pittsburgh on Nov. 28 and #20 Virginia Tech on Dec. 5.
Alabama is third choice at +350. The Crimson Tide start their season on Sep. 26 against Missouri. Nick Saban’s squad plays against six Top 25 ranked teams during the regular season: #10 Texas A&M, #4 Georgia, #16 Tennessee, #6 LSU, #23 Kentucky, and #8 Auburn. If Alabama makes the CFP this season, they will have earned it.
The real 2020 College Football Season starts Sep. 26
In addition to Alabama and Missouri starting up on Sep. 26, the rest of the Southeastern Conference gets it going as well on that day. On paper, the top matchup is #23 Kentucky versus #8 Auburn.
But the most intriguing SEC game could be Mississippi State at #6 LSU. Tigers coach Ed Orgeron said most Louisiana State players had contracted the coronavirus. He believed most of his players were over it. Testing this week will prove it.
Not only that, but Mike Leach now coaches Mississippi State. Leach convinced former Stanford quarterback K.J. Costello to play in Starkville. Miss State could be this year’s surprise team. Make sure to check that game out on Saturday and see if Leach has done enough for the Bulldogs to challenge the current champs.

2021 College Football National Championship Odds

  • Clemson +250
  • Ohio State +250
  • Alabama +350
  • Georgia +1600
  • Florida +1600
  • Oklahoma +1800
  • Texas A&M +2500
  • Texas +2500 (MAC's Power Pick)
  • Penn State +3000
  • Notre Dame +4000
  • LSU +5000
  • Wisconsin +5000
  • Auburn +6000
  • Michigan +6000
  • Miami +10000
  • Oklahoma State +10000

MAC's NCAAF Week 4 Special Release Moves

09/26 - 12:00 PM - Backroom Info NCAAF Pick
Georgia State -2.5 vs Charlotte +2.5
Play: Georgia State -2.5

09/26 - 03:30 - Major Move NCAAF Pick

West Virginia +8 vs Oklahoma State -8
Play: West Virginia + 8

09/26 - MAC's NCAAF Parlay

09/26 - 08:00 PM NC State vs Virginia Tech
Play: Under 57
09/26 - 07:30 PM Kansas vs Baylor
Play: Baylor -16.5

Want Top Rated Stock Plays go over to The Stock Report on Reddit - MAC's Stock Market Tips

MAC's Stock Market Tips
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2020.09.23 06:08 chronoplaid [watch humor] The Balance Cock Bugle: Watch news... with "the Onion" treatment

[watch humor] The Balance Cock Bugle: Watch news... with
Courtesy of

Balance Cock Bugle

Husband with Selective Taste Begs Wife, “Please, Please Don’t Buy Me Another Watch”

SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY – Mark Mueller, 42, stared at the face of his Fossil-brand timepiece, “…actually it doesn’t have a model name. I suppose it doesn’t need one.” He bit down on his quivering lip and furrowed his brow before closing his eyes, “and it’s quartz so I don’t need to worry about winding it.”
Incidentally, Mueller hadn’t procured the watch himself. It was a gift from his wife (one watch of many actually) that wouldn’t have been his first choice… or second or third… if it were ever up to him. Over the years he’d amassed several dozen, all of which were incredible mark-downs from their original MSRP costs that were “too good to pass up.”
Mueller tried to explain the persisting phenomenon, “She says gift giving is her love language…” He removed the Fossil and placed it with the others in his repurposed cookie tin box “…whatever that means.” He shook the tin from side to side as if panning for gold before picking up another, “This DKNY one was originally $399 but she found it at Macy’s for less than seventy if you can believe it. She’s got a real nose for this kind of stuff.”
When pressed about the origins of his interest, Mueller sheepishly confided, “Actually my dad had a Rolex when I was a kid. It was the only thing I’d ever seen him wear. He used to let me shake it back and forth and I could feel the rotor spin through the case. It was almost cathartic.” His eyes distilled toward a wandering haze, “I made the mistake of telling Sandra that story and birthdays haven’t really ever been the same since… or promotions… or Hanukah.”
In his closing remarks, Mueller clarified, “Not ‘mistake’,” rocking his head side to side, “perhaps ‘overshared.’ I mean why own one or two Rolexes when you could have several dozen-” His voice trailed off before reaching back in the box, “…Kenneth Cole Reactions.”

Mark Zuckerberg Purchases Rolex Brand… Just Because.

In an unexpected turn of events, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, 36, ignited global controversy with his decision to purchase Rolex SA—quite possibly the only other corporate identity capable of challenging the brand awareness of Facebook’s social empire.
In response to the shaken investors as to why, he simply shrugged, “Because I could.”
It was a move of unprecedented spontaneity for the watch world… most of all for Jean-Frederic Dufour, Rolex’s CEO who, upon hearing the news of the backdoor deal, muttered in disbelief, “He can’t actually do this, can he? What the hell just happened…?”
Choosing to forgo a press conference, Zuckerberg had this to say: “While boredom should be reason enough, I guess there’s just something intrinsically special to this particular brand’s mastery of exclusivity… the concept of unobtainability is one I’ve always sought to patent and apply toward all business dealings… whether it’s intellectual property or anything else one might hold dear.” Zuckerberg let out a chuckle, “Like that one time I bought half of Kauai just to fence it off and piss off the locals.” He shook his head, “Sure was worth it to see their faces though.”
Watch collectors have already begun to posture their savings accounts for the trials that lie ahead, polling Instagram users with annoying requests to highlight their preferences for the non-Rolex “sell pile.” In the meantime, Zuckerberg’s latest Tweet only furthered the panic, “That new blueberry Submariner kind of reminds me of our Facebook logo,” he remarked. “I think I’ll keep that one. All of that one. The ‘smurf’ too.”
While community opposition has begun to mount against Zuckerberg’s further restriction of product flow, he remains cryptic, “The future exists in China, which is exactly why we’ll relocate our headquarters for operations in Beijing where we’ll quadruple production. This is not to say they’ll become more widely available… we don’t even know what Rolex is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. A million Submariners isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion Submariners.”
Upon saying this, Zuckerberg paused a beat and gazed at his Timex, “Perhaps I’ll keep all of those too.”

Balance Cock Bugle

IWC Stoked That COVID and BLM Have Eclipsed the Toxic Male Investigations Led by #MeToo.

LOS ANGELES, CA—For many, 2019’s cultural shift could best be remembered as the wake up call America needed to acknowledge the victimization caused by sexual abuse. To some, it was simply “a good start.” Regardless, the media carried its message loud and clear; no person or entity would be spared the investigative scrutiny driven by the #MeToo movement. While reports are inconclusive, it’s estimated that those impacted were at least 90 percent women.
The ensuing audit of our culture for trace amounts of testosterone was thorough enough to impress the most stringent of gestapo—there was little IWC could do to bypass the attention, lest they remove all the, “absolutely no girls allowed signs” duct taped to their exhibition case displays.

Balance Cock Bugle
It wouldn’t be long before 2020’s coronavirus and civil unrest would pivot the nation’s focus. Chad Richards, IWC’s head of U.S. marketing, was counting his blessings.
“F**k me, bro,” he began. “They had us by the balls for sure. I didn’t know if we’d ever be able shake the bad press haunting us from those earlier ads.”
Richards took a beat to adjust his belt buckle, further adding, “I mean, it was like… we stepped in a s**t… which was actually the baited trigger of a bear trap… one of those big, old rustic ones that would look badass on your office wall, you know? Only… on the side, instead of “made in America” it read, ‘How do you like me now, bitch?’ He motioned his hips, figuratively thrusting upward, ‘F**k you, f**k you, f**k you,'” and eventually concluded, “Literally, it required several acts of God to pry off their lockjaw.”
When questioned if IWC had anything to add regarding BLM or the pandemic, he replied, “Yes, absolutely. God bless BLM, God bless COVID, God bless the troops, and God bless America. Stay safe, you guys. It’s all kinds of nuts out there.”
Editor’s Note: The TBWS crew wants to clarify that these are real IWC ads and they’ve not been manipulated in any way.

Balance Cock Bugle

Top Reddit Watch Seller Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO, NORWAY — Pat Ramachandran, noted Reddit watch seller with a transaction bling score over 25,000, was today nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairperson of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, was effusive in her praise of Ramachandran: “In the past year, despite a global pandemic, social unrest, and economic catastrophe, [Ramachandran] successfully found homes for thousands of neglected watches.”
“Our committee took the time to read through every impassioned Reddit post, noting that every single piece, despite being in ‘like new’ condition with ‘only a few faint marks’, had been suffering from painful yet preventable conditions such as insufficient wrist time and lengthy captivity within watch boxes. By helping to send these to good homes, Pat showed true selflessness and extreme care for these deprived timepieces. What ultimately led to our decision, however, were Direct Messages that explained Ramachandran was taking a hit on every transaction.”
The fact that Ramachandran’s nomination was announced publicly came as a shock, as the Nobel regulations stipulate that nominees’ names be sealed for fifty years before release. However, the Committee chose to allow this nomination to be made publicly in order to bolster Ramachandran’s chances to win the world’s top humanitarian achievement, a guest spot on Talking Watches.

Balance Cock Bugle

Man Tears Rotator Cuff Trying To Get Rolex Into Frame On Video Call

WANTAGH, NEW YORK — “Look, part of my job is knowing what I’m talking about. How the hell am I supposed to be taken seriously during Zoom calls if these f**king plebs can’t see my Rolex?”
Brandon Jung officially filed for worker’s compensation after purportedly injuring himself during the regular course of his employment as a Digital Marketing Project Manager for ReadySetMarketing, a reputation management business located in Wantagh, NY.
When asked why his Rolex needed to be in the Zoom frame, Mr, Jung replied, “Are you serious right now, man? We need to show our clients that we’re on the bleeding edge of what digital marketing has become and what it’s going to be. These people expect us to represent ourselves to the highest possible standards because Manhattan eats digital marketing agencies alive. A Rolex tells everyone in the room that you mean f*cking business and should be taken seriously.”
When corrected that his current employment location of Wantagh, NY was in fact over 40 miles away from Manhattan, Mr, Jung looked down at my Timex MKI, back at me, and refused to respond.
We reached out to Brandon’s supervisor Bob Spatz, ReadySetMarketing’s CMO, for comment. “What? CMO? I mean, I guess, but – listen we’re a small group here. There’s 5 of us including Brandon. We mainly deal with reputation management. You know, writing positive Yelp reviews for local restaurants, creating NAP data, and managing people’s ‘Google My Business’ accounts. I wouldn’t classify what we do as ‘digital marketing’.”
We asked about Mr. Jung’s title of “Digital Marketing Project Manager” to which Mr. Spatz responded “says here he’s a ‘Reputation Associate'” he explains, reading off Brandon’s hard copy employee file. “We’re not too strict with titles around here.”
We asked Mr. Jung about his CMO’s comments regarding his actual title of ‘Reputation Associate.’
“Of course he lied to you, you’re wearing a f*cking Daniel Wellington.”
ReadySetMarketing is contesting Mr. Jung’s filing of worker’s compensation, stating that his Rolex isn’t an essential tool for his day to day duties and that no one else in the video call had their camera on except him.

Balance Cock Bugle

YouTube Watch Reviewer Confused That He Can’t Pay Rent with Freebies

LOS ANGELES, CA — “I showed her the quality of the logo on the box.” Blaine Reed, the YouTube watch reviewer, explained as he raised a box for us to see the embossed lettered. “See? That’s pressed into the box – not printed. Quality! And these – look,” Mr. Reed then showed us that the watch brand’s logo was also on the extra straps they included. “Attention to detail – boom. But she didn’t care. She was all like ‘Sir, we can’t accept your watches as a rent payment’.”
Late on Thursday September 3rd, the popular YouTube watch reviewer was reported as banging loudly on the glass doors of the Rockvale Grotto Apartment Rental leasing office. When informed that it was after office hours, Blaine insisted the doors be open because he pays their salaries.
Upon being granted entry, Susan Tisdale, the leasing associate running the office that day, reported that Mr. Reed appeared exhausted and out of breath as he hauled a black construction trash bag behind him. Mr. Reed than began to empty the contents of the bag onto the leasing office floor, revealing a purported 63 different watches.
After inquiring as to the meaning of Mr. Reed’s actions, Ms. Tisdale shared with authorities that Mr. Reed then began to section off the watch boxes into 3 categories: “classy minimalist,” “baller sporty,” and “fly.”
“Listen, this is just insane,” Mr. Reed continued to our crew. “The retail value of these watches alone could pay for 3 years of my rent.” We asked Mr. Reed how he acquired the watches. “These brands are all about fair pricing, top quality, and cutting out the middleman, you know? They come to me to help spread the word on what they do. So they send me a watch to review.” We asked why Mr. Reed kept all the watches and didn’t return them or share them with his audience. “That’s rude, man – why would you turn down a gift?”
After Mr. Reed asked how much he’d receive as an appearance fee for being covered in this piece, we inquired as to whether taking free watches as payments for reviews compromises his biased or unbiased position as a reviewer people can trust. Mr. Reed replied that he didn’t understand the question. But he did inform us that we could use the code BLAINEDAWG10 to receive 10% off our next purchase.

Balance Cock Bugle

Adult Diaper Purchases Spike in Anticipation of Collectors Sh**ting Themselves over Latest Rolex Reveal

PALO ALTO, CA — In the wake of COVID-19 preparation, America’s populace learned a valuable lesson in emergency preparedness; purchase all the toilet paper you can. What can’t be purchased, steal. Silicon Valley’s aspiring tech moguls won’t be fooled twice and have applied the same logic toward adult diaper hoarding, well-aware of the news that Rolex has been leaking updates for their latest releases. Enthusiasts everywhere are primed for soiling themselves.
“As an entrepreneur, anticipating unexpected needs has been my biggest disruption to competitive markets,” says Andrew Chang, CEO to several start-ups he describes as “the Uber of crypto-currency and general pivoting.” “There’s a new rat race on the horizon,” he continues. “Everybody will be pre-occupied with acquiring the latest Rolex but nobody’s factoring the secondary effects here—rampant involuntary control of bowels at the next Redbar watch meet-up. Sure, you’ll try to play it cool when somebody finally drops the latest Blueberry Sub in front of your next watch pile… but good luck trying to hide the explosive excrement running down the pant leg of your chinos.”
Andrew is currently developing an application that will allow users to trade diaper stock quantity, while values are expected to fluctuate based on trending Rolex-related SEO data. “Posturing ourselves to be proactive through diversification has been the foundation of our success. Times change, but monetizing Rolex hysteria is ever-present.”
When questioned how this could impact local hospice needs or convalescent care for seniors, he’s continued to dismiss the concern. “You mean the generation responsible for carbon emissions, global warming, and systemic prejudices? You can’t be serious…”

Balance Cock Bugle

Bahamian Vacationer Drowns Due To Bezel Play

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Randal Baker drowned early Sunday morning while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. The event occurred just after an incident between the 32-year old accountant and the tour guide for Sunny Fun Day Underwater Tours.
“I don’t understand. I told Mr. Baker that it was time to surface,” Ramon, their tour guide explained “But he just kept looking at his watch and saying something about ISO standards and asking me if my Apple Watch was ISO COSC.” Ramon paused and then added in confusion “I wasn’t wearing an Apple Watch. I don’t know why he thought I was.”
Mr. Baker’s wife recalled how much her husband was looking forward to this vacation.
“I would wake up some nights and he’d be next to me on his phone, looking up different diver watches and reading reviews. ‘I need to make sure I can find something that will hold up to our dive.’
‘Honey,’ I’d tell him, ‘the Sunny Fun Day Underwater Tour website says it’s only 15 ft, won’t your Oris be fine?’
‘The Diver 65?! Are you crazy – it’s only 10 ATM!’ Eventually he bought a [redacted], calling it his ‘adventure’ watch'”
However, while readjusting his chest mounted GoPro underwater, experts determined that the bezel had just enough play to cost Randal his life.
The Sunny Dive Tour team was monitoring their dive time on a cellphone from the boat and keeping in radio contact with each other. But Mr. Baker had been monitoring the dive time on his newly acquired ‘Adventure Watch’ – the [redacted]. After the bezel play had occurred, there was a one to two minute discrepancy between the two monitored dive times.
Despite pleas and protests to resurface from the 15ft shallow dive, his last recorded words were to the effect that COSC ISO and the Watchfam wouldn’t let him down.

Balance Cock Bugle

Watch Collector Optimistic with Latest Acquisition’s Potential to Raise His Sex Appeal

SEATTLE, WA—Having come across a flattering photo of Ryan Reynolds in a Google search for “celebrity watch brands,” Melvin Greenberg, 41, was convinced, “This is the one. This is the one that will finally get me laid.”
Before Piaget, Melvin had trialed several different watch companies with mixed celebrity endorsements, none of which had proven fruitful. He was convinced that the Tag Heuer Carrera, backed by the star power of Tom Brady and actor Brad Pitt, would have been a little overkill… but that, too, appeared faulty in effect. Sure enough, politics have a tendency to make their way into sponsorships which could have muddied the waters—alliances are frequently broken and re-established. Pitt, for example, had been swapped out by Tag for Leonardo DiCaprio.
Melvin believes, “It’s possible women were confused by the switch because now Brad Pitt’s an ambassador for Breitling. I can barely keep up with this, myself.” Against his better judgement, Melvin had purchased a Breitling Chronomat (just to be sure), even though he knew there was no mistaking him for a pilot.
With Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 having earned $786 million at the box office, a new record was set for the highest grossing rated R-film of all time. Reynolds’ persona had become synonymous with Deadpool’s—a relationship that would surely become tantamount for Piaget in return—and indistinguishably linked to how Melvin would be perceived.
For Melvin, it was the final touch to his innuendo-heavy profession of mattress sales, where he knew women would subliminally associate him with, “comfort and dreamscapes,” among “other forms of horizontal refreshment.”
Main Photo Credit: Mr Guy Aroch (

Balance Cock Bugle

Ebay Seller Lists, “Used/Superb Leather Hodinkee Straps – in USED, Honest Condition, See Comments. No Returns.”

MIAMI, FLORIDA — “Super discount! These aren’t just any leather watch straps… these are extremely high quality Hodinkee-brand straps,” says WatchHead1775, “not your cheap Amazon ones.”
Included in the lot are three pairs at fifty percent off retail for a BuyItNow price of $528 + $75 shipping—a bargain to any enthusiast who’s been coveting a watch strap bearing the website’s stamp.
Among the conditions noted the seller assures, “At least forty percent more life left in them (give or take). All have a couple extra holes made (sometimes on hot, muggy days my wrists expand but not enough to go into the next hole so I had to make some custom adjustments). Typical wrist smell and salt-sweat marks on the inside are to be expected. Discoloration where it’s been bent against the tang buckle is normal. Minor fraying along thread but this is also normal—a shoe repair guy can fix for nothing. The two crocodile straps were originally glossy but now they’ve got a matte texture (matte ones actually cost more on their website).”
While WatchHead1775 has done their due diligence to “scrape off most of the wrist cheese” they wish to highlight, “What you see is what you get. No low-balling. No returns! Looking to save up for some new ones because I’m not a huge fan of the distressed look.”
At the time of this post, no serious offers have been considered.
submitted by chronoplaid to u/chronoplaid [link] [comments]

2020.09.23 02:35 dvd5671 [OC] The Full Butterfly Effect of the Carmelo Anthony Nuggets/Knicks/Timberwolves Trade

One day a couple of months ago, I was on Instagram and saw a picture of that showed the full effects of the Kyrie Irving to the Celtics trade. I was really fascinated by it and tried to find others like it, but was unsuccessful. So, I made one myself. I decided to go ahead and try the Carmelo Anthony Nuggets to Knicks trade. I chose this specific trade because it had an absurd 19 people involved in it and almost all of them ended up getting traded as well. So it made for a lot of future spirals into NBA history. So, after about a week of research, I present to you The Full Butterfly Effect of the Carmelo Anthony Nuggets/Knicks/Timberwolves Trade:

The Official Trade:
On February 22, 2011, a 3-way deal between the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets, and Minnesota Timberwolves occurred that sent superstar Carmelo Anthony to Denver. This is the official breakdown of that initial trade:
(*) = Eventually Traded Away
New York Knicks Denver Nuggets Minnesota Timberwolves
Carmelo Anthony* Danilo Gallinari* 2015 2nd Rounder (Richaun Holmes)*
Chauncey Billups^ Timofey Mozgov* Eddy Curry
Renaldo Balkman^ Wilson Chandler* Anthony Randolph
Corey Brewer^ Raymond Felton*
Shelden Williams Kosta Koufos*
Anthony Carter 2012 2nd Rounder (Quincy Miller)
2016 1st Rounder (Jakob Poeltl)* 2013 2nd Rounder (Romero Osby)*
2014 1st Rounder (Dario Saric)*
2016 1st Rounder (Jamal Murray)
On the Knicks' perspective, Billups, Brewer, and Balkman were each eventually waived. Williams left after the season, and Melo and the pick that led to Jakob were eventually traded off. From the Nuggets' side, everything in that trade package was traded away except the picks for Miller and thankfully Murray. And for Minnesota, nothing they received last with them after that season. This trade ended up resulting in 10 further trades. I then looked at the results from THOSE trades, and the trades that resulted from THOSE trades, and so on. This single trade in 2011 led to 168 future trades, involving 470 different players/draft picks. Some of them led to small trades (Eric Paschall to the Warriors for a future pick and cash), and some led to blockbusters (AD to LA, ironically Kyrie to Boston, K-Love to Cleveland). But here's all of it:

The Full Trade Results:

(Players in bold represent players still currently on the said team and are listed alphabetically (Teams are listed by the order of the original trade, and then alphabetically after that)
Alexey Shved Aaron Brooks Anthony Bennett Alpha Kaba Carsen Edwards Caris LeVert Bismack Biyombo Anthony Morrow Andre Drummond Chinanu Onuaku Blake Griffin Andrew Wiggins Bruno Caboclo Maarty Leunen Darrun Hilliard Anthony Davis Avery Bradley Andre Iguodala George Hill Ater Majok Chris Paul Al Harrington Andrew Bynum Aron Baynes Alonzo Gee Aaron Gray DeMar Derozan Chuck Hayes Andris Biedrins Admiral Schofield
Andrea Bargnani Corey Brewer Anthony Randolph Bruno Fernando Demetrius Jackson Casper Ware Cody Martin Cameron Payne Ante Zizic Doug McDermott Brandon Knight Eric Paschall Iman Shumpert Malcolm Brogdon David Michineau Channing Frye Brandon Clarke Jae Crowder Greivis Vasquez Brandon Ingram Daniel Hamilton C.J. Wilcox Boban Marjanovic Brandan Wright Arron Afflalo Alec Burks Georgios Printezis Danny Green Brandon Rush Isaac Bonga
Anthony Carter Devin Harris D’Angelo Williams Carmelo Anthony Guerschon Yabusele Jahlil Okafor Josh McRoberts Chandler Hutchison Arturas Gudaitis Dwight Powell Deividas Sirvydis Jason Thompson Isaiah Hartenstein Nik Stauskas Devyn Marble Chris Duhon Brice Johnson Jimmy Butler Jason Kidd (as a Coach) Cheick Diallo Danilo Gallinari Christian Eyenga Carl Landry Cameron Johnson Brendan Haywood Alonzo Gee Jakob Poeltl Diante Garrett Derrick Rose Jemerrio Jones
Arnett Moultrie DJ Augustin Eddy Curry Chandler Parsons Jayson Tatum Jared Dudley Miles Bridges Daniel Gafford Cedi Osman Justin Jackson Jameer Nelson Julian Washburn Jason Terry Rakeem Christmas Garrett Temple Corey Brewer De’Anthony Melton Meyers Leonard Nikola Mirotic DeMarcus Cousins Darius Bazley Evan Fournier Eric Maynor Cenk Akyol Dan Gadzuric Andre Miller Keldon Johnson Kawhi Leonard Grant Jerrett Jerome Robinson
Chauncey Billups Gerald Green Evan Turner Clint Capela Kyrie Irving Jaylen Hands Mo Williams Joffrey Lauvergne Chukwudiebere Maduabum Justin Patton James Ennis Kevin Murphy Jordan Hamilton Thaddeus Young Isaiah Thomas Dwight Howard Dillon Brooks Ryan Anderson Sterling Brown Jason Smith Dennis Schroder Hakim Warrick Furkan Korkmaz Dario Saric Eric Maynor Ben McLemore Marcus Camby Jordan Clarkson Jonathan Simmons
Cleanthony Early Isaiah Whitehead Gary Neal Damian Jones Marcus Morris K.J. McDaniels Willy Hernangomez Julyan Stone Collin Sexton Kostas Antetokounmpo John Henson 2021 1st Rounder (Timberwolves - Top 3 Protected) Josh Smith Wade Baldwin Ivica Zubac Earl Clark Dion Waiters Solomon Hill 2020 1st Rounder (Pacers) Jaxson Hayes Isaiah Roby Jerian Grant Gerald Wallace Darrell Arthur Gary Trent Jr. Buddy Hield Norman Powell Kendall Marshall Moritz Wagner
Corey Brewer Jamal Murray Jacob Evans De’Andre Hunter Nate Robinson Kenneth Faried 2020 2nd Rounder (Cavaliers) MarShon Brooks Dante Exum Petteri Koponen Jordan Bone 2021 2nd Rounder (Timberwolves) Marko Todorovic 2021 2nd Rounder (Bucks) JaMychal Green Isaiah Thomas Gorgui Dieng 2021 2nd Rounder (Pacers) Jeff Withey Kevin Hervey Justin Jackson Isaiah Canaan Elfrid Payton Hassan Whiteside Derrick Williams OG Anunoby Kendrick Perkins Ramon Sessions
Damyean Dotson Jameer Nelson James Johnson DeAndre Liggins Perry Jones Nicolas Claxton 2021 2nd Rounder (Clippers) Omer Asik Dylan Windler Rajon Rondo Reggie Jackson Robert Covington Jonathan Motley Jose Calderon Grayson Allen 2025 2nd Rounder (Pacers) Josh Hart Kyle Singler Markelle Fultz Ish Smith Jevon Carter Jared Jeffries Deyonta Davis Patrick Patterson Mike Conley Sam Dekker
Derrick Rose Jan Vesely Jarred Vanderbilt Diamond Stone Romeo Langford Nik Stauskas Quincy Pondexter Kevin Love Ray Spalding Steve Blake Russell Westbrook Kyle Wiltjer Mike Muscala Jordan Bell Lonzo Ball Randy Foye Nikola Vucevic J.P. Tokoto Kyle Korver Mike Miller Dimitrios Agravanis Quentin Richardson Richard Jefferson Shabazz Napier
Emmanuel Mudiay Joey Dorsey Jarrett Culver Ersan Ilyasova Semi Ojeleye Quincy Miller Robin Lopez Larry Nance Jr. Raymond Felton Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk Sergei Lishouk Landry Shamet Reggie Bullock Josh Jackson Marcos Louzada Silva Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Romero Osby Jared Cunningham Mike Scott Pat Connaughton Frank Mason III Ricky Rubio
Enes Kanter Jordan McRae Jaylen Nowell Jamal Crawford 2020 1st Rounder (Bucks) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot Marquese Chriss Tyson Chandler Thon Maker Ty Lawson Lou Williams Thomas Bryant Justice Winslow Nickeil Alexander-Walker Sofoklis Schortsanitis Timofey Mozgov Jason Richardson Richaun Holmes Robin Lopez Harrison Barnes Shelvin Mack
Ignas Brazdeikis Kieta Bates-Diop Jerryd Bayless John Salmons Xavier Thames Tony Allen Matthew Dellavedova Zach Randolph 2021 2nd Rounder (Lakers) 2024 2nd Rounder (Warriors) Marcus Morris Justin Holiday Omri Casspi Taj Gibson Wesley Iwundu JaVale McGee Troy Daniels Rodney Hood Harry Giles Tony Bradley
Issuf Sanon Kostas Papanikolaou Josh Okogie Justin Anderson 2020 1st Rounder (76ers) Wayne Selden Renaldas Seibutis 2020 2nd Rounder (Warriors) 2023 2nd Rounder (Warriors) 2025 1st Rounder (Thunder) Mathias Lessort Kosta Koufos Stanley Johnson 2020 2nd Rounder (Nuggets) Jonah Bolden Ty Jerome Terrel Harris Jeremy Tyler Tyrone Wallace
Johnny O’Bryant Mo Williams Juan Hernangomez Kay Felder 2020 2nd Rounder (Nuggets) Willie Reed Sergiy Gladyr Mfiondu Kabengele Miles Plumlee Tony Carr 2021 1st Rounder (Rockets) Josh Richardson Tyler Johnson Zach Collins Joe Johnson 2024 2nd Rounder (Cavaliers)
Kurt Thomas Monte Morris Kevin Garnett Kirk Hinrich 2021 2nd Rounder (Pacers) Sir’Dominic Pointer Michael Beasley Rade Zagorac 2020 2nd Rounder (Bucks) 2022 1st Rounder (Clippers) Justin Patton Wayne Ellington Justin James
Maurice Harkless Nick Johnson Malik Beasley Lou Williams Timofey Mozgov Montrezl Harrell 2020 2nd Rounder (Suns) 2020 2nd Rounder (Wizards) 2023 1st Rounder (Clippers) Marquis Teague Kyle Guy
Mitchell Robinson Pablo Prigioni Omari Spellman Lucas Nogueira 2021 1st Rounder (Bucks) Patrick Beverly 2021 2nd Rounder (Suns) 2021 1st Rounder (Lakers) 2023 1st Rounder (Heat) Matisse Thybulle Langston Galloway
Ognjen Jaramaz Petr Cornelie Tanguy Ngombo Nene 2022 2nd Rounder (Spurs) Paul George 2022 2nd Rounder (Pistons) 2021 2nd Rounder (Cavaliers) 2024 1st Rounder (Clippers) Mike Scott Luka Mitrovic
Quincy Acy Quincy Miller Tyus Jones Richard Jefferson 2022 2nd Rounder (Wizards) Vladimir Veremeenko 2023 2nd Rounder (Rockets) 2023 1st Rounder (Lakers) 2024 1st Rounder (Rockets) Ronny Turiaf Rudy Gay
Renaldo Balkman Rudy Fernandez 2020 1st Rounder (Nets) Thabo Sefolosha 2022 2nd Rounder (Rockets) Wilson Chandler 2024 1st Rounder (Warriors) 2024 1st Rounder (Lakers) 2024 2nd Rounder (Grizzlies) Sasha Kaun Scotty Hopson
Samuel Dalembert Steve Novak 2022 2nd Rounder (Nuggets) 2022 1st Rounder (Thunder) 2021 1st Rounder (Knicks) 2025 1st Rounder (Clippers) Shake Milton Tyreke Evans
Shane Larkin Thomas Robinson 2023 2nd Rounder (Pelicans) 2023 1st Rounder (Thunder) 2025 1st Rounder (Rockets) Tiago Splitter Vanja Marinkovic
Shelden Williams Thomas Welsh 2024 2nd Rounder (Warriors) 2023 2nd Rounder (Pistons) 2026 1st Rounder (Clippers) Tibor Pleiss Wayne Ellington
Thanasis Antetokounmpo Victor Claver 2026 2nd Rounder (Warriors) 2026 1st Rounder (Rockets) Tobias Harris 2020 2nd Rounder (Pistons)
2020 1st Rounder (Clippers) Vlatko Cancar Travis Outlaw 2020 2nd Rounder (Rockets)
2020 2nd Rounder (Hornets) Will Barton Trevor Booker 2021 2nd Rounder (Grizzlies)
2021 1st Rounder (Clippers) 2020 1st Rounder (Rockets) 2020 1st Rounder (Thunder)
2021 2nd Rounder (Hornets) 2022 2nd Rounder (76ers) 2020 2nd Rounder (Hawks)
2021 2nd Rounder (Pistons) 2020 2nd Rounder (Lakers)
2021 2nd Rounder (Knicks)
2023 2nd Rounder (Hawks)
2024 2nd Rounder (Heat)

I think the craziest part about this trade is that it occurred a little bit under a decade ago, but is still going on and most likely will be for a long time. There's a trade included here going all the way to 2026. Let me know what you observed from this and who you thought won this trade or even if you want me to do more of these.
Here's the document I wrote with the details of each trade: Document
My source for this was Basketball-Reference
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2020.09.22 16:11 marcSuile WEEK 2 RECAP - Bills' Links You May Have Missed or Want to See Again

Great win this week! Just like last week, below is a list of links you may want to revisit, or links you may have glanced over. My goal is to post by Tuesday at 10:00am and I threw a few bonus links at the bottom (ventured into /GreenBayPackers . I again stayed away from twitter (outside of those links posted in nfl) but I did venture into a few extra links from instagram...if I missed anything, feel free to add to comments and I'll update!
Also, before I drop the links I want to post the most important link of the week:
Mod Note: If you go into other subs to taunt or troll you will most likely be banned from both that sub and this sub. Bills fans should know what it’s like to have to deal with that stuff. It sucks. It’s unnecessary. They already know their team is struggling. Bottom line, Don’t be a dick. Thanks.
Don't brigade, don't be dicks, don't be unbearable in other subs--which is mainly why I refrain from posting links from our opponents' subs. We haven't won anything yet, and even if we do, don't turn into Eagles fans after they won the superbowl lol. People love bills fans because we enjoy the game. Let's continue to promote that ideal and sure it's okay to make people eat crow regarding their hot takes, but don't be dicks! I see too many Bills' flair with a negative comment threshhold--use that as a time for some self reflection.
Without further delay,
Links You May Have Missed or Want to See Again
Game threads:
Bonus & Misc:
Previous Week Recap Threads:
Thanks for checking it out and again, please feel free to offer critiques in the comments!
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Photos: Tyler Herro's New Instagram Girlfriend Is Going Viral

  1. Yung Miami Instagram Live gets into a heated argument with ...
  3. Ms. Miami shows off her Huge Cakes on South Beach in Miami ...
  4. Miami Beach Lifestyle - YouTube
  6. Twerking In Miami (Instagram Model Syria) - YouTube
  7. Yung Miami (City Girls) & Santana Roast Each Other On ...

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